Designer Jenna Holland In A Floor Length Orange Dress Standing In A Newley Renovated Modern Bright White Kitchen

Hosting With The Hollands

Tis the season for hosting!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, with the holidays right behind them. With social gatherings being limited, many of us are opting for small and intimate dinner parties.


Those who know me, know I hate to cook, but I LOVE to host. Decorating a table scape is one of my favourite things to do during the holidays.


Below is a list of what every great tablescape needs, and some of my favourite items are linked! 

1) Florals or Greenery

In the fall I like to incorporate dried flowers and a muted pallet, either in two larger vases or deconstructed into a few smaller vases.

Harmony Vase - Modern Komfort

Monarda Vase - Modern Komfort

Vienna Vase - Modern Komfort

2) Candles

Incorporating candle sticks and/or votives lends a warm and inviting vibe and immediately elevates a table’s decor. 

KLOKHET Unscented candle - Ikea

FULLTALIG Candlestick - Ikea

3) Table Linens

Soft napkins juxtaposed with a woven or jute placemat keeps a table feeling fun and light. 

Natural Woven Placemat - Rug & Weave

Warm Grey Linen Napkin Set - Rug & Weave

Technical Designer Karlie Pond Assisting With Kitchen Decor

4) Dinnerware

You eat with your eyes first, and food shows up better on light coloured backgrounds. Using white or cream dinner plates will help your guests feel as if they’re at a restaurant. 

Ceramic Vanilla Plate - Rug & Weave

365+ 18-piece dinnerware set - Ikea

5) Flatwear or Utensils

I like to have fun with utensils and incorporate a gold metalic or matte black.

TILLAGD 20-piece cutlery set - Ikea

HOMQUEN 20-Piece Copper Color Flatware Set Service for 4 - Amazon

6) Drinkware

This is where things can differ, depending on the type of gathering.


Cocktail style? Then a drink tub or dispenser are great ways to display and provide refreshments.


Dinner party? Then stemware is a must! Stemless glasses are preferred for red wine, but at dinner tables they can be used for white as well (but for cocktail parties when guests are standing and holding their glass, I recommend a stem to keep the white wine cool).

Vineyard Stemless Wine Glasses - Crate & Barrel


7) Water Pitchers

After we honeymooned in France I knew I needed a water pitcher for the table. I still feel a little fancy when we bring it out for guests.

8) Charcuterie Boards & Serving Plates/Bowls

Serving your appetizers and hors-douvres on boards is for form AND function: the added wood texture is a great contrast to the ceramic and glass on a table.


It also serves a purpose: wood boards provide a better texture for charcuterie items, and if there’s a marble component it keeps the meat and cold cheeses cool.