I feel like I blinked and went from Christmas 2021 and now it’s spring 2022. This time of year is when most new builds start construction in this part of the world, and now that we are in full swing design mode, I thought I would share some trends that started to to take off early this year, and are still going strong around as we enter a new season.


Take a look and let me know in the comments on my Instagram post which trends you like best, or don’t like, and which ones you’re already incorporating in your space.


1. More colour

I don’t think white or neutral walls are going anywhere, but 2022 is seeing a lot more colour. My advice to achieve the perfect transitional design style, is to keep your walls neutral, and add colour in the cabinets, wainscotting and millwork. To keep it calming and serene, incorporate colours you find in the earth (think blues, greens, tan, etc).

2. Beige is the new white

There is no discussion that white is a classic. But this year I’m seeing white making room for beige to take over. Shades of beige bring an added warmth to a newly built or remodelled space and help to add character. Layering beige with milk glass white, matte black, and wood tones helps to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. A touch of earthy green in the textiles or plans/stems will elevate the design.

3. Traditional Elements

In these unprecedented times, (how many times have we heard this saying?) :), it seems we are looking for familiar styles. Traditional design style is timeless, feels familiar, and adds comfort. Elements of this style include built-in cabinetry, millwork, dark woods, symmetry and layered textures. We’re seeing more attention in window coverings, layering striped linen shades with luxurious drapes. We’re noticing a shift from minimalist walls, to more millwork: including vertical shiplap, wainscotting details, tray ceilings, crown molding etc. Combining elements of contemporary and traditional design will leave your home feeling comfortable, cozy and current. Creating juxtaposition by using traditional built-ins with a more contemporary light fixture/faucet is a perfect equation to make this work. In addition, incorporating an antique or vintage dresser/stool or painting will instantly warm up a more contemporary designed home.

4. Ornate Cabinetry and furniture details

We can’t talk about traditional design without discussing furniture and cabinetry details, more specifically ornate turned legs. This craftsmanship detail adds a feeling of luxury to a space and creates a perfect opportunity to create a balanced space: a table with a turned leg pairs perfectly with a more contemporary dining chair and abstract art.

5. Menswear Inspired

This is an exciting one, that I’m currently obsessed about – and is so easy to incorporate. We’ll be stealing some inspiration from menswear and bringing it into our homes. My bet is that we’ll be seeing a lot more plaid, specially houndstooth and checkered. You can go bold and do a checkered or plaid tile floor, or an easy “spot finish” detail such as a blanket, toss cushion, tea towel or piece of furniture. Layering 2 subtle plaid or striped pillows, with a floral print lumbar pillow is a beautiful and easy combo for a bed or sofa.

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6. Lush Fabric and architectural furniture

We started to see lush fabrics and textiles in 2020, and that trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In 2022 and into 2023, I predict the lux materials like boucle and velvet will continue, but we’ll also be seeing these fabrics in more architecturally shaped furniture. An oversized boucle chair pairs perfectly with an architecturally shaped concrete and glass coffee table. These more contemporary shaped pieces work best in homes that have ornate wall details and arched openings. Keeping a neutral palette is important in making this trend work.

7. Masonry

To end our list, a favourite of mine: interior masonry. Incorporating bricks, or white painted brick on floors and walls is being requested more and more in our design projects. Adding this texture adds an element of “old world” to a new remodel or build, and brings that level of character that I love.

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