Welcome to the Holland Homes Blog. Our Creative Director and Head of the Design Team, Jenna Holland, regularly posts information and tips on Interior Design, as well as updates on our current projects. 

Skyline Kitchen Remodel

When I first met with the Stewart family in their cramped dated kitchen, I was immediately drawn to their easy-going personalities, and knew I had to update their space, they deserved a beautiful kitchen. They were in their “dream home” and location, but needed to remodel a few spaces in the home, and wanted to start with the kitchen and sitting room.

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Kids’ Bathroom Remodel

In addition to the Prince William main bathroom, we completed this adorable renovated bathroom for the clients’ two young daughters. We decided to use all brushed nickel fixtures and hardware, to allow the tile to be the “MVP” of this renovation. A delicate patterned floor

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Grey Farmhouse

Welcome to the grey modern farmhouse! This home was a “labour of love”: with the bulk of the build being completed during isolation: Jenna coordinating some important design decisions while at home with their two young boys, while Steve was busy on site maintaining the

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